Sunday, March 15, 2020

Animal Jars

As an elementary art teacher I often had my students make clay animals. It feels like I made hundreds or maybe thousands of them as samples over the course of my career. I did not really occur to me until recently to start adding these little animal sculptures to my thrown pots. They are fun to make and give the pots a quirky, whimsical personality. Below are some animal jars I made for some friends of mine. These are all fired to cone 10 in my gas kiln with Winokur matte glaze on them.
Monkey Jar for Joe
Puppy Jar for Allie
Lion Jar for Jack
A Scorpion Jar for Me :)

Monday, December 23, 2019

Javelina Jar

New from the kiln is this small javelina jar. I have been working on developing new glazes for my gas kiln and this turquoise is a winner. I added a little cobalt carbonate to a glaze containing green chrome oxide and this is the result. The great thing about this glaze is that it likes to be fired HOT!  The bottom of my kiln fires a little hotter than the rest of the kiln and I did not have any glazes that really took advantage of that extra heat. But this glaze loves to go to cone 11 or 12 so now I know what color pots are going on that bottom shelf.